All of the unused Christmas trees from IKEA Edmonton were donated to a local zoo and the reindeer went absolutely wild for them.

To start off the new year, the Alberta IKEA location sent its leftover trees to the Edmonton Valley Zoo for the animals to enjoy and boy, did they ever.

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In the video posted by IKEA Canada, you can see one of the reindeer rubbing its antlers on the branches and then sticking its face completely into the tree.

The zoo also shared a video on Facebook of a reindeer going to town on a tree.

According to the post, these animals enjoyed the "surprise delivery" the most because they love to rub their antlers against the branches.

These trees have been used by a bunch of other animals too whether they ate them, climbed them or just sniffed them.

One of the zoo's animals who's known as the "lonely elephant" came into the spotlight recently when Jane Goodall begged for her to be transferred to a sanctuary in Tennessee.

While Goodall said that the elephant is suffering in isolation, the Edmonton Valley Zoo has denied those claims.