The Battle of Alberta is upon us. The Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames are finally going head-to-head as part of a pre-playoff exhibition game. As per the NHL schedule, the teams will face off in Edmonton on Tuesday night, July 28. 

The two teams haven't played each other since March, after which the hockey season was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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So if you've been absolutely itching to see some intense rivalry on the ice, your time has come. 

In addition to seeing these teams battle it out during the game, fans will also get the chance to participate in a 50/50 raffle. 

The Calgary Flames told the public about the draw in a tweet. "18+ Albertans can purchase tickets online, starting at 10:30 AM and ending at 10:30 PM on game days!" they said. 

If you're not sure how a 50/50 raffle works, here's the scoop. People buy tickets with numbers on them. The money collected from all the ticket purchases will be split in half.

One half constitutes the big prize that will be awarded to the winner of the raffle. The other half will be retained by the organization or donated to a non-profit or charity. 

Nothing quite like a good cause to get you revved up for an upcoming game. 

The Calgary Flames, alongside other teams in the Western Conference, touched down in Edmonton on Sunday, July 26 for the playoffs. 

The area around Rogers Place, including the premium hotels, has turned into a "bubble" for the NHL players and staff. This means no one from the city can enter the "bubble" and the players essentially get to live like rockstars

Though the first of the playoffs don't begin until August 1, the teams will be able to test out their skills in this exhibition game.

Exhibition games, also known as warm-up or preparation games, are those matches that don't have an impact on league standings and are normally played to help the coaches determine their lines and plans for the big games. 

But as hockey fans would know, the Oilers and Flames never leave their intensity at home. So the match is expected to be a firecracker either way. 

Following the pre-playoff game, the Flames take on the Winnipeg Jets on August 1 whereas the Edmonton Oilers face off against the Chicago Blackhawks. 

The Flames players have already been spotted getting a feel of the Rogers Place ice. They've also unveiled the arena's new look ahead of the big game.