Simu Liu Got Some Hilarious Advice & Threats From Famous Canadians Ahead Of The Junos (VIDEO)

"If you screw up, every Asian-Canadian will be embarrassed." 💀

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Simu Liu at the 2023 JUNOS. Right: Avril Lavigne.

Simu Liu at the 2023 JUNOS. Right: Avril Lavigne.

Simu Liu hosted the 2023 Juno Awards in Edmonton on Monday night and a few famous Canadians left some messages for him ahead of the big day.

In a sketch prior to kicking off the show, Liu can be seen stressing about his hosting gig before his assistant suggests he calls some friends for inspiration.

First up, Avril Lavigne gave some advice for simplifying things a bit.

"You know, it doesn't have to be so complicated," she suggested, which of course is a cheeky nod to one of her iconic bops.

"Hey listen, I got some advice for you," said Shamier Anderson, who will be starring alongside fellow Canuck Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4. "Don't get slapped."

"If you screw up, every Asian-Canadian will be embarrassed," warned David Suzuki.

Next up were some words from Liu's friend Lilly Singh.

"Anything you do has the potential to become a meme," she said.

"Don't let our country down," advised Shania Twain.

And lastly, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who of course acted alongside Liu in Kim's Convenience, shared a message for his friend.

"Now go get 'em. Okay. See you!" he said.

So safe to say, the pressure was high for Liu!

Later in the show, other big-name celebs shared some love for Nickelback who was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Ryan Reynolds shouted out the band's breakout hit "This Is How You Remind Me."

"Every 40-something has sung this song at the top of their voice in a bar as a rite of passage and it's become the most played song of the decade," the actor said.

Next up, fellow musician Michael Bublé congratulated the band on their new distinction.

"The truth is you earned it," Bublé said. "Your dedication, your incredible talent and your hard work have led you here. And you know, you are an inspiration to every Canadian kid who dreams of reaching their potential."

Canadians supporting Canadians — you love to see it!

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Senior Staff Writer
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