Simu Liu Sang A Nickelback-Inspired Song About His Stock Photos & It's Hilariously Painful

"Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me sad." 🎵

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Simu Liu singing a Nickelback-inspired song at the JUNO Awards.

Simu Liu singing a Nickelback-inspired song at the JUNO Awards.

Simu Liu opened the 2023 JUNO Awards with a bang on Monday night and sang an ode to his stock photo days to the tune of a classic Nickelback song.

Liu, who is currently in Edmonton hosting the award show for the second year in a row, showed off a picture of himself from the upcoming movie Barbie and said that it reminds him "of a similar photo I took once about 10 years ago which I was paid much less for."

"So nostalgic, kind of want to sing a song about it," Liu said before inviting Nickelback's guitarist on stage.

He then set the scene for the viewers.

"So the year was 2013," Liu explained. "I needed some cash really badly and this was before the age of OnlyFans and feet pics, so I had to do some stock photos. You know what I mean? I remember that photo shoot like it was yesterday."

He then launched into song to the tune of "Photograph."

"Look at this photograph," he sang. "Every time I do it makes me sad. Everybody makes fun of them. Why the hell did I say yes to that?"

He crooned out that his lawyers tried to remove them, but unfortunately, that's not how the internet works.

"I don't think they'll ever fade, worst $100 that I ever made," he continued before really launching into the heart of the song.

"Oh god I, every time I see my face in the stock photos, it's a reminder that they will never go, I hate myself, I hate myself, these damn photos, damn photos."

Hey, at least it led to a catchy song — everyone processes in their own way!

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