Nickelback Dished On Getting 'Put Through The Ringer' By Haters & Their Redemption (VIDEO)

"We've put up with a lot."

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Nickelback performing at The JUNOS in Edmonton. Right: Nickelback chatting with Narcity Canada.

Nickelback performing at The JUNOS in Edmonton. Right: Nickelback chatting with Narcity Canada.

CARAS/iPhoto, Narcity Canada.

When it comes to ridicule, it's pretty fair to say that Nickelback has seen more than their fair share of it, which is why their recent induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame was about "redemption."

Following the announcement of the distinction at the 2023 JUNO Awards on Monday, March 13, the band chatted with Narcity Canada's Morgan Leet about what exactly the honour means.

"You mention that tonight is about redemption," Leet said. "What are you guys trying to redeem here, or what did you just redeem by taking home that award?"

"I don't think it's a secret by any stretch of the imagination that we've been put through the ringer," said Chad Kroeger.

"We've put up with a lot, and so this is nice," he continued. "It's nice to be inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame. And it's nice that... it feels like there's been a softening on the band."

"You know, the teeth have been put away, and it feels like everyone's sort of looking around going, 'Why were we so hard on those guys?'"

The band was also shown some love by A-list celebrities who helped introduce them ahead of their big moment at The JUNOS.

"Every 40-something has sung this song at the top of their voice in a bar, it's a rite of passage, and it's become the most played song of the decade," Ryan Reynolds said of their hit "This Is How You Remind Me."

Michael Bublé also had some kind words for the group.

"Your dedication, your incredible talent and your hard work have led you here," he said. "You are an inspiration to every Canadian kid who dreams of reaching their potential."

Congrats, Nickelback — well deserved!

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