Someone Crashed The Junos Stage Topless & Avril Lavigne Told Them 'Get The F*** Off' (VIDEO)

"Sorry for the boobs!"

Calgary Staff Writer
Avril Lavigne speaking at the 2023 JUNOS while someone crashed the stage topless.

Avril Lavigne speaking at the 2023 JUNOS while someone crashed the stage topless.

As we all learned from the now-infamous Oscars slap, anything can happen at a live awards show and the 2023 JUNOS was no exception.

Avril Lavigne was on stage to introduce Punjabi-Canadian singer AP Dhillon who was about to perform when someone crashed the stage completely topless.

Lavigne was talking about how special the experience of performing in front of the JUNOS crowd is when the crasher — who was dressed in bright pink pants, a bandana, and not much else — just walked on stage.

It seems the stunt was a political statement as the crasher had "Save The Greenbelt" written across their bare back.

While Lavigne tried to carry on as the crasher roamed the stage, she eventually snapped.

"Get the f*** off, b*tch," Lavigne told the crasher, who then obliged pretty quickly after being called out by the queen of pop punk.

Lavigne then took a moment to remind the shocked crowd that the moment was all about AP Dhillon.

Luckily, he seemed to take it all in his stride and his performance at the 2023 JUNO Awards went off without a hitch.

After AP Dhillon wrapped up, the JUNOS host Simu Liu returned to the stage and couldn't help but crack a joke about the whole incident.

"I'm sorry I was just in the backroom a few minutes ago, did I miss anything crazy at all?" he teased.

"Probably not right? It's the Junos, what could possibly happen?"

Later on Lavigne returned to the stage to pick up her TikTok JUNO Fan Choice award and she gave a warning to anymore potential crashers.

""Nobody try anything this time or the Canadian is gonna come out of me and I'll f*** a b*tch up," she said.

After Lavigne claimed the award, Liu also gave her his support after the whole ordeal.

"Big congrats to Avril for not only winning that award but also for handling that topless lady like a champion," he said.

And as he rounded off the show, he made one final apology. "Sorry for the boobs," he said.

The whole incident served as a good reminder that anything can happen on live television, folks!

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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