Fans Think Avril Lavigne Flicked A Protester's Breast At The Junos & The Reactions Are Too Much

People are questioning what really happened.

Calgary Staff Writer
Avril Lavigne and the protestor on stage at the JUNOS.

Avril Lavigne and the protestor on stage at the JUNOS.

The JUNO Awards got off to a fairly chaotic start last night after a topless protester climbed up on stage with Avril Lavigne. Now fans are speculating about what happened after videos that appear to show the singer slapping the protester's breast surfaced online.

The protester climbed up on stage while Lavigne was introducing Punjabi-Canadian singer AP Dhillon, and they then proceeded to roam around the stage, prompting the singer to tell them to "get the f*ck off."

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

CBC's official video coverage of the JUNO Awards didn't catch the interaction, but some fans were able to capture the incident from a different vantage point.

One video, shared by Canadian band The Beaches, appeared to show Lavigne flicking the protester's breast during the exchange, but as we all know, camera angles can be deceiving, so it's not clear whether that was the case.

The videos have fans questioning what really happened, with several seeming to believe there was some kind of physical interaction between the two.

More videos were shared on Twitter of the incident, and even with different angles, it's still not clear if the alleged "slap" took place.

People on Twitter chimed in with their feelings on the matter, and the responses really were everything. Most people seem to agree that questioning whether or not Avril Lavigne hit a protester's breast live on national television is not something anyone expected to debate this year.

A lot of people compared the incident to another high-profile slap, although that one was pretty indisputable.

Later on in the evening, Lavigne addressed the incident when collecting her TikTok JUNO Fan Choice award, warning the crowd not to try anything.

"Nobody try anything this time or the Canadian is gonna come out of me, and I'll f*** a b*tch up," she said

Narcity reached out to Lavigne's representatives for comment but had not heard back at the time of publication.

Who knows, this may just be 2023's version of "spitgate."

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
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