Simu Liu Just Did His Own 'I Am Canadian' Speech At The Junos & It's Such A Vibe (VIDEO)

"I grew up on Ketchup chips, roti, and Jamaican beef patties." 🇨🇦

Simu with his fist in the air after his speech.

Simu with his fist in the air after his speech.

Simu Liu did his own version of the iconic "I Am Canadian" speech at the JUNOS on Sunday, May 15, and it was both hilarious and legendary — showing everyone just how unique and multicultural Canada is.

During the opening of the award show, the Shang-Chi actor started listing off the many things that made him proud to be Canadian.

Before long, music began to slowly swell as images appeared on the screen behind him, punctuating each of his Canuck-loving points.

"I proudly fill my day with Canadian inventions like basketball, Timbiebs, or insulin," declared the actor in his speech.

"I speak English and Mandarin," said Liu, before adding "et une petite peu Francais" in his best attempt at French — hey, better than a lot of Anglo-Canadians could do!

Simu Liu's "I am Canadian!" speech | Juno Awards 2022CBC Music

He also pointed out the amazing multicultural nature of Canada's, and Toronto's, diverse food scene.

"I grew up on ketchup chips, roti, and Jamaican beef patties!" said Liu.

Liu also jumped on a few other controversial discussions, notably the name of the popular tea-based drink.

"By the way, it is pronounced bubble tea, okay? Not 'boba' tea, bubble tea goddamnit!" he shouted.

Closing out his speech, he did not shy away from some hot-button issues, pointing out that Canadians are into snowboarding, "not waterboarding." And along with that, he also firmly and proudly declared that Canada is a place where "a woman always has the right to choose."

Much like the original ad, Liu proudly concluded his speech by pumping his fist into the air and saying, "My name is Simu Liu and I am Canadian!"

Yes, there was a standing ovation from the audience.

Liu's speech is a reference to a popular advertisement for Molson Canadian from 2000. In the commercial, an "average Joe" rants on stage about all the things that make him Canadian, as well as dispelling a bunch of Canadian stereotypes.

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