Emirates Is Hiring Cabin Crew In Canada & Will Even Pay For You To Live In Dubai For Free

The time-off and meal fund ain't too shabby either. 🤷

A cabin crew member. Right: the city of Dubai.

A cabin crew member. Right: the city of Dubai.

Dreaming of a life in Dubai without the daunting price tag? Emirates Airlines might just be your golden ticket.

The company, which is based out of the United Arab Emirates, is on the lookout for spirited Canadians to bolster its elite cabin crew. The paycheque? It's decent. But the perks and benefits? Expect to be thoroughly impressed.

Anyone can apply online for the open positions. However, those looking to meet their future employers in person beforehand have the option of attending one of two hiring events the company is hosting.

The first event is set for August 31, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. at the Novotel Toronto Centre in Toronto. The second will take place on September 2, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. at the Hilton in Vancouver's Metrotown.

If you're planning to attend either event, it's best to register online beforehand. But, you can also just walk into the event on the day if you like, Emirates keeps it chill like that.


First off, let's talk currency. You'll be pocketing your earnings in UAE dirhams, where $1 CAD translates to roughly 2.71 AED. Every month, you can anticipate a fixed salary, with added bonuses for every hour you're in the sky, plus a little something for meals when you're globetrotting.

Starting out, expect about 1,713.12 CAD monthly, with an added 23.49 CAD for each airborne hour. While the pay might not have you doing backflips, remember: AED earnings are tax-free. So, all of that money is yours to keep.


MY CABIN CREW ACCOMMODATION in Dubai | Emirates Airlinewww.youtube.com

Arguably, the coolest thing about flying with Emirates?

They foot the bill for a chic, fully-furnished apartment in Dubai. There's a small catch, though: you'll be splitting the digs with a coworker or two.

But hey, no bunk beds here – you get your own bedroom.

And if the place isn't quite your style? You've got the green light to switch it up and move apartments if you wish.

Health insurance

Jetting around without health coverage? That's a high-stakes gamble.

But here's the good news: Emirates has got its crew's back.

They roll out the red carpet with a solid medical and dental package at their go-to clinics. Want to get the fam covered too? It'll cost a little off the top of your monthly earnings.

And for peace of mind? Every Cabin Crew member flies high with round-the-clock global life and personal accident insurance.

Safety first.


Time off

A guaranteed 30 days of freedom a year? Check.

An annual free ticket flying you back to the maple-leafed embrace of Canada? Double check.

Stick with them for over three years, and here's the kicker: you get to pick a different dream destination for that ticket.

Adventure awaits.

Exit pay

Emirates sweetens the deal with an end-of-service cherry on top. How so?

They gift you a non-contributory end of service benefit (EOSB) – basically, a nifty lump sum based on your salary scale – when you wrap up your contract term.

For all you Canadians dreaming of the cabin crew life, here's your shot: soar with a major airline and call the dazzle of Dubai home.

Cabin Crew

Salary: 23.49 CAD an hour

Company: Emirates Airlines

Who Should Apply:

  • Fluent in English; bonus points for additional languages.
  • A radiant team player, ready to shine.
  • At least 160 centimetres in height with the ability to reach up to 212 centimetres.
  • Fit the UAE’s employment visa bill
  • A year of experience in hospitality or customer service.
  • A Grade 12 diploma.
  • No visible tattoos in the Emirates uniform.

Apply on Emirates Airlines

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