Former American President Barack Obama has shared his opinion on the future of Canada-U.S. relations.

In an interview with CBC Radio's The Current, the ex-leader admitted that the two countries’ relationship is not on his “list” of concerns right now.

“What we've seen over the last few years is anomalous," Obama began.

He continued, "I'll be honest with you: On my scale of worries, in the aftermath of the Trump administration, the relationship between the United States and Canada is not at the top of the list.”

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I think we've got some bigger problems, in terms of managing America's role internationally.

Barack Obama

In fact, it seems the former president is feeling pretty confident about Canada-U.S. relations under Joe Biden’s leadership.

“I think that [the relationship] is one that actually can be mended relatively quickly,” Obama mused.

Later on in the interview, he went on to speak candidly about working with both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau.

While Obama admitted that he and Harper “had not much in common,” he said they had “a very cordial and co-operative relationship.”

Similarly, while he said Trudeau was “much more aligned” with him on most matters, he acknowledged that they did have “tensions” around some issues.

However, he said when it comes to having a good relationship, neither countries “really have a choice.”

“We share this massive border!" Obama concluded.

Back in 2019, Obama officially endorsed Trudeau during Canada’s election campaigns, reigniting their iconic bromance.

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