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Barack Obama Just Praised The Way Canada Is Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

He compared the mortality rate in Canada and the U.S.
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COVID-19 In Canada: Obama Praised The Way Canada Is Dealing With The Pandemic

Ex-President Barack Obama has spoken out about how COVID-19 in Canada has been handled so far.

During a rally held by Joe Biden in Michigan, the former U.S. leader had nothing but praise for the way Canada has been dealing with the pandemic.

Comparing statistics between the two countries, Obama said, “Our mortality rate in the United States is two and a half times higher than Canada — think about that.”

“If we had the same percentage of folks dying in Canada, as we do here, nearly 90,000 Americans would have died, instead of 230,000 Americans,” he added.

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If we had handled this pandemic like Canada did, 140,000 of our fellow Americans, might still be alive today. Think about that. Barack Obama

Despite the population difference between Canada and the United States, the COVID-19 statistics in both countries differ significantly.

According to data from John Hopkins University, 230,316 people in America have died of COVID-19 as of Saturday, October 31. 

In Canada, 10,136 people have died.

Obama's comments come ahead of the U.S. presidential election, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken several times about the upcoming result but has repeatedly ducked questions about who he’d prefer to win.

While he is not a presidential candidate this year, Obama and Trudeau have had an ongoing bromance for several years.

They’ve even been spotted enjoying a beer together!

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