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Trudeau Keeps Ducking Questions About The U.S. Election Even Though It's Not Illegal

He could endorse a candidate, but probably won't.
Trudeau Keeps Ducking Questions About The U.S. Election Even Though It's Not Illegal

Even as the leader of a different country, Justin Trudeau is allowed to voice his support for a U.S. presidential candidate, but that doesn't mean he will.

When asked about the upcoming American election during the daily COVID-19 briefing on October 30, the prime minister said that he would still not be commenting on it.

He kept his focus on the fact that whatever happens, he and his government will continue to work in the best interest of Canadians.

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As a government, our responsibility has been to be prepared for all different, possible, eventual outcomes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Federal Election Commission in the United States explicitly prohibits foreign nationals from contributing money to a political campaign, but not from commenting on it.

The Washington Post even took a look at times when high-profile people from other countries endorsed presidential candidates in the past.

However, considering the close relationship between Canada and the United States, it would be risky for Trudeau to express his preference for one candidate over the other.

Instead, the prime minister is taking a more diplomatic approach, and saying that he will work closely with whichever administration is in power next year.

Whether the victor is current incumbent Donald Trump or challenger Joe Biden, it could have a serious impact on Canada's economy.

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