With the latest COVID-19 projections Canada has put out, the numbers are lower for the long-range forecast because of what's being done by two provinces.

During a press conference to talk about the new data and modelling released by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the country's top doctor explained why there was a change.

The forecasted number of cases for early January is lower than two weeks ago because more stringent controls in British Columbia and Manitoba appear to be starting to control the epidemic there.

Dr. Theresa Tam

Dr. Theresa Tam said what's now expected for early January is lower than it was in the previous update because of "more stringent controls."

She said that the strict measures put into place in B.C. and Manitoba "appear to be starting to control the epidemic there."

In this latest data and modelling update, it has been forecasted that Canada could hit 12,000 daily cases in January even if we don't start seeing more people.

That number would rise to 30,000 if we increase our contacts and flatten to under 5,000 if we reduce our contacts.

The previous update on November 25 projected over 20,000 cases at the end of December and beginning of January if we maintained how many people we see.

If you have the COVID Alert app to notify you of any exposures, it reportedly has a bug that's led to some users not getting notifications.

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