On Monday, January 11, Jason Kenney addressed the public in an update regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the province. 

"As of yesterday, we have administered 46,791 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines," said Kenney

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We’ve used more than three-quarters of the vaccine doses in our stock.

Jason Kenney

The premier said that he has been in talks with the prime minister about supply and distribution. 

He said that Alberta is equipped to vaccinate its residents at such a high volume that we are certain to run out before the next shipment arrives. 

According to the premier, this will happen next week "unless we get a huge surprise shipment.”

The federal government has apparently secured exclusivity agreements with Pfizer and Moderna, therefore Alberta "cannot legally procure its own separate supply," said Kenney. 

This only applies to the vaccines that are currently in distribution. As such, the premier says that he is looking into whether provincial governments can procure new vaccines for themselves if the federal government isn't going to do it. 

"This is not a blame game, but we're just saying that Alberta's health system has stepped up in a big way here and we need more doses – bottom line – it's very simple," said Jason Kenney.

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