A doctor has taken to Twitter to claim that unused doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in Alberta are being discarded. 

In a tweet marked "BREAKING," Dr. Tehseen Ladha, a pediatrician in the province, wrote that "UNUSED doses of COVID-19 vaccine in opened vials are being DISCARDED at the end of the day. Alberta Health has directed staff to WASTE the vaccine."

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AHS is rapidly immunizing as many Albertans as quickly as possible, ensuring vaccine doses are utilized.

Alberta Health Services

In a response on Twitter, AHS wrote that "There have been no reports of significant vaccine wastage."

It continued to say that "If and when we have an appointment cancellation, we administer the allocated dose to the next person in line. Any currently unused doses are going to be administered to eligible Albertans in the coming days."

Below her initial tweet, Dr. Tehseen Ladhe wrote that her accusation is in accordance with "several healthcare workers" who have apparently been advised to discard doses as she outlined. 

According to Jason Kenney, Alberta is #1 in Canada for COVID-19 immunizations and has distributed around 50% of the vaccines that have come in. 

He shared a spreadsheet indicating that the province has received 46,150 doses in total.

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