A list of ridiculous 911 calls in B.C. has just surfaced and it's being called the "top 10 reasons not to call 911" of 2020. 

E-Comm, the operator that handles 99% of B.C.'s 911 calls shared the list with Narcity and it's a seriously wild ride. 

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Other things that prompted calls to the emergency line in 2020 included complaining about food delivery not arriving, asking questions about COVID-19 lockdown, looking for help to apply for CERB, and "complaining that the mattress they had purchased second hand was more soiled than advertised."

Yes, these are all real. 

In addition, there was a call about someone's bank card being stuck inside an ATM, reports of someone smoking in a non-smoking building, someone asking how to get a job in law enforcement, and a person who got locked out of their car.

If you think it doesn't get worse, you are mistaken. Someone literally called 911 to confirm what time it was. 

“Our goal each year with this list of nuisance calls is to drive home the message that we need the public’s help to keep 911 lines free for people experiencing real emergencies,” said Kaila Butler, E-Comm's senior communications specialist.

So, the next time you're thinking of giving the emergency line a ring, ask yourself this: "can my question be answered through a Google search or, you know, a glance at the clock?" 

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