The NDP leader has sent yet another strong message to the prime minister. On Sunday, Jagmeet Singh blasted Trudeau for failing to plant any of the 2 billion trees that he promised to.

Tweeting on September 27, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh drew attention to a promise Justin Trudeau made one year ago.

Back in 2019, the prime minister promised to plant 2 billion trees over the next 10 years.

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However, it seems Trudeau is yet to make a start on that promise.

According to Singh, the Liberal government has planted “zero” of the 2 billion trees so far.

CTV News reports that 200 million should have gone into the ground this year, in order to keep-up with the ambitious 10 year goal.

This isn’t the first time Singh has been openly critical of the PM’s plans.

When Trudeau originally announced the goal, Singh responded by saying, “Trees won’t hide the pipeline you bought.”

As smoke blanketed Canada earlier this month, he also accused the Liberal leader of “playing politics” instead of fighting climate change.

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