Just how fluent is your Toronto slang? Chances are if you grew up around these parts, you're already well-versed in many of the phrases on this list.

Still, there are those of us who moved here much later in life and still have no idea what the word you heard on the street really means.

So brush up on your vocab, and add a few of these words to your list, fam. 

1. "Fam"

If you grew up in Toronto, this term of endearment is your bread and butter. It's a short form for "family," but it's just as easily applied to close friends.

2. "Breeze"

Use this word to tell someone to beat it. If you're dealing with a Toronto man and want him to get-gone, this should do the trick.

3. "Bare Manz"

If you stroll on into a house party, and the population is about 95 percent dudes, you can go ahead and utter "Bare Manz."

4. "Tings"

Let's just say a gathering packed with "tings" would be the opposite of the slang above. 

Also, it could mean someone you'd like to Netflix and chill with, no strings attached.

5. "Cyattie"

Ladies, if someone lovingly calls you this, don't take it as a compliment. It means they think you're loud and obnoxious. 

6. "Cheesed"

Wall-to-wall traffic on the Gardiner again? I am cheesed. This is the best word to use if you get frustrated. 

7. "Sweeterman"

Guys, if you hear a bunch of girls calling you a sweeterman, congratulations. You've won the genetic lottery, because they think you are hawt. 

8. "Moss"

If you are always stressed out, maybe you should just relax (aka moss). 

9. "Yute"

If you're getting called this, you're probably the youngest in the group. 

10. "Wagwan"

Only townies say, "what's up?" If you're a Toronto man, you say "wagwan."

11. "Marved"

Nothing like a midnight McDonald's run when you're Marved. If you're starving, this is the word to use. 

12. "Reach"

"Do you want to come to hang out?" "Yeah, I'll reach you."


Often used when someone needs to chill out. Just say it out loud, but make sure to use the extra vowels.

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