A new poll suggests that lots of people ignored public health advice about COVID-19 in Ontario and visited people who lived outside of their homes in December.

In a poll conducted by Leger and the Canadian Press and published on January 4, 40% of the 600 Ontarians surveyed said they visited family members or friends over the holiday period, despite public health warnings and advisories.

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Percentage of Ontarians who say they visited people over the holidays

The poll is a wide-ranging one, asking Canadians and Americans about the presidential election, New Year's resolutions, and of course COVID-19 habits among North Americans.

Nearly half of respondents from Ontario — 47% — said they hadn't seen anyone outside of their homes over the course of the holiday period.

Eleven percent of people answered that they'd "occasionally" visited people — two to three times — while only 2% said they'd often visited people.

Ontario had the highest percentage of people — 53% — admit they'd seen people outside of their own homes.  

Only 46% of Quebecers said the same thing, along with 40% of British Columbians and 32% of Albertans.

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