As mysteriously as it appeared in Manitoba, Alberta, California, Utah, and Romania, a monolith is now standing in Toronto.

The structure was discovered on Thursday by Toronto resident Mon Lerin along the edge of the Humber Bay Trail.  

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"It was not there yesterday morning since I go every day for morning walks," said Lerin to Narcity. 

Lerin posted the photo to Facebook and it was later shared on Reddit

Earlier this month, a Winnipeg local spotted a similar monolith, however, it didn't take long for the structure to suddenly disappear. 

"Not sure if it was parks officials or aliens," he tweeted.

Days later, photos of a large monolith in Lethbridge, Alberta were shared on social media.

The monolith saga began with two sightings in the Utah desert, followed by another one on a Romanian hillside. 

One was also found in the city of Ahmedabad in India today, according to India Today. The mysterious rectangle also features symbols and numbers on its surface.

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