It seems that the royals have a soft spot for Canada in their hearts. Apparently, Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer now owns a piece of it.

The Earl Spencer, as he is more formally known, recently purchased a large chunk of Ontario cottage country in the Port Carling area, reports The National Post.

The untouched forest property covers 1,000 feet of Silver Lake shoreline.

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Acres purchased by Charles Spencer

He purchased the property with his Canadian wife Karen Spencer, otherwise known as The Countess Spencer. 

Silver Lake is known for attracting the rich and famous.

According to The National Post, celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Kurt Russel, and Goldie Hawn have all been spotted at the Ontario lake.

The area is known for luxurious recreational homes, but apparently, the Spencers' is not one of such properties. There are only a few small cottages on the purchased land.

Hopefully, this means the Earl himself will become an honourary Ontarian soon.

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