With the holidays just around the corner, Toronto police are warning residents to keep a close eye on their gift deliveries.

TPS issued a Public Safety Alert on November 23, 2020, in which they warned Torontonians of a recent increase in package theft in the city. 

Police are asking the public to stay vigilant and ensure their items are dropped off at "designated areas." 

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Remain vigilant and help reduce these types of crimes by requesting or designating a specific area for packages to be dropped off.

Toronto Police 

The news release notes that the increase in deliveries during the holiday season often results in higher crime rates. 

This year, a reality that will be twice as relevant as Toronto and Peel head back into lockdown. 

Residents are being asked to call 911 if they witness any thefts. 

Torontonians faced a similar problem last year after porch pirates came out in droves to ruin Christmas.

A Toronto man was arrested back in 2018 after going on a stealing spree right before Christmas. 

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