Next time you wander down Toronto's iconic Graffiti Alley, you'll notice some new murals covering the walls. As protests against racism transform city streets, artwork for the same cause has transformed this famous alleyway. Over the weekend, artists took to this landmark to depict images of important black figures as a gesture of support. Toronto's Black Lives Matter murals are a symbol of solidarity during difficult times.

An event called "Paint The City Black" saw artists from across Canada participating in an artistic tribute to show "solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement," according to CBC.

On Saturday, approximately 40 artists painted words and images of solidarity, including pictures of George Floyd and Martin Luther King Jr.

The alley, which is known for its colourful, bright murals, now features pictures that remind us of the current events happening across the world.

Artists grouped together to create their own images, using mostly black and white as the main colour themes. 

Local graffiti artist and organizer Jessey Pacho posted images of the murals on his Instagram account. 

"All Power To The People. A mural supporting the #Blacklivesmattermovement..." reads the caption of one image where he stands with his fist raised before a black panther painting.

According to Pacho, anyone who wanted to participate in the movement was encouraged to paint in a legal spot to help "rock a black piece in solidarity with black lives and against the ongoing injustice that this community continues to face."

On Friday, hundreds took to the streets to have their voices heard in an anti-racism protest.

Demonstrators chanted, "I can't breathe," and raised their fists in solidarity.

In Ottawa, Justin Trudeau took a knee with protestors and participated in nine minutes of silence. 

This is the same amount of time that a police officer had his knee on George Floyd's neck in the United States.

Other cities across Ontario have held protests in a movement against injustice.

Next time you're in downtown Toronto, you can wander through the newly transformed Graffiti Alley to see some of the murals for yourself.

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