Rising COVID-19 case numbers across the province are forcing an Ontario hospital to plan for drastic measures. 

Windsor Regional Hospital revealed to Narcity that it could begin using a local arena as a temporary morgue if there is a lack of space.

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Our local pandemic planning included identifying and securing a local arena in the event it is required. 

Steve Erwin, Windsor Regional Hospital, Corporate Communications

However, at this time, there is no current plan to start using the hockey rink just yet. 

"Hopefully we do not need to use it. Like every jurisdiction we continue to monitor our local COVID-19 numbers and that will drive decisions moving forward," Erwin told Narcity.

The back-up plan will reportedly be used if the hospital's remaining 36 places in its current on-site morgues are filled.

"Our strategy always is, you plan for the worst, pray for the best and be ready for everything in between," David Musyj, CEO of the hospital, told The Canadian Press.

Windsor Regional isn't the only Ontario hospital being forced to use temporary morgues.

London Health Sciences Centre brought in a refrigerated trailer to store bodies after its morgue reached capacity last weekend.

As of January 6, 4,856 COVID-19 deaths have been reported across the province. 

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