If you're familiar with the classic holiday movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, then you are absolutely familiar with the Griswold house

Well, an Alberta man has recreated the legendary light display from the movie and it's so accurate that he's even got an RV parked out front with a life-sized statue of Cousin Eddie. 

The house is located in Stony Plain and belongs to Jon Harringa who is known in the neighbourhood for going all-out every December. 

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Harringa spoke to CTV News, telling the outlet that he spend thousands of dollars to make this a reality. 

He got the idea for the movie tribute from a history of people calling him Clark Griswold because of his love for Christmas lights, just like the movie character, played by Chevy Chase. 

Naturally, Harringa doubled down on his Griswold-like tendencies and went the whole nine yards. 

From the photos, you can see string lights covering the entire exterior of the home and suspending over the rest of the property like a tent. The RV is also decorated and Santa and his reindeer on top and there there's Cousin Eddie in a robe and nothing more. 

Thank you, Jon Harringa, this is the sort of holiday spirit we all need to see in 2020. 

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