The prime minister has taken part in the annual trend and Justin Trudeau's Instagram #BestNine of 2020 includes a photo of him with Joe Biden.

He shared the collage and said in the caption that his top posts sum up how "so much about this year has been different."

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Despite 2020 being different, he said that "we've made it through."

Trudeau's top post of the year was a photo of him and Joe Biden that he shared to congratulate the president-elect. 

It has more than 600,000 likes.

Then there's the video he posted at the beginning of the pandemic to ask Canadians to stay home and it has more than two million views along with over 400,000 likes.

All of the other posts in his best nine have over 200,000 likes.

They include shots of him working from home, elbow bumping with Chrystia Freeland, with his oldest son when he was a toddler, taking part in a virtual Diwali celebration and more.

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