That ones gotta hurt. Seth Rogen recently made a new vase that he was “pretty happy” with … but it didn’t take long for Kraft Dinner to come along and start making jokes!

On November 30, the Canadian actor and producer shared a video on Twitter, showcasing his latest pottery design.

While the star said he was “pretty happy” with his creation, Canadian-favourite Kraft Dinner (KD) responded to make a hilarious comparison.

“Who wore it better?” the food company asked, sharing a photo of the vase alongside a traditional box of KD.

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That wasn’t the only dig the company took at Rogen’s creation, either!

Replying directly to the clip, KD also joked, “... Weird, our place is filled with pottery that looks like [Seth Rogen.]”

The 38-year-old picked up ceramics as a hobby back in 2019, describing it as a “therapeutic” outlet.

“It’s like yoga, if you got a thing at the end. If you were doing yoga and then some object was produced at the end of it,” he told GQ last year.

Over the last year-or-so, Rogen has shared many of his homemade designs on his Instagram page. While KD did roast him for this individual creation, it seems the Superbad star is pretty actually super talented!

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