Call out my name? Looks like the Grammys didn’t deliver on that promise. That’s because Justin Bieber and The Weeknd both have a bone to pick with the annually held award show. 

However one is not like the other, because while one of our Canadian boys is upset about which category he was placed in, the other didn’t even get a single nomination.

Yet they both took to Instagram to share their discontent.

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You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency.

The Weeknd

JB was the first to take to social media where he posted a lengthy post about how he felt about his album Changes being placed into the pop category of the nomination instead of in R&B.

“I grew up admiring R&B music and wished to make a project that would embody that sound. For this not to be put into that category feels weird,” read the image post. 

Bieber took home four Grammy nominations, three of which were in the Pop section.

Meanwhile, Starboy’s discontent was for very different reasons. He wasn’t even nominated for a single award, which proves odd as he has released some major chart hitting songs for his revered album After Hours

The Weeknd also took to Instagram to share his feelings in a short and to-the-point post.

“The Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency,” he said.

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