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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Shared On Instagram About Her Eating Disorder

She spoke about when she first reached out to her mom for help.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau's Instagram Post Was Her Sharing About Her Eating Disorder

In Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram post, she spoke her truth and opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder.

She spoke with the founder of Humain Avant Tout, an organization that’s working to end the stigma around mental health, about what she’s gone through and how she got help.

Grégoire Trudeau’s story was put up on the organization’s Instagram page and she re-posted what they shared with the caption, “now it's my turn to tell part of my story.”

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Now it's my turn to tell part of my story.  Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

In French, Grégoire Trudeau recalled the time when she called her mom while she was in her bed and shaking because she decided she didn’t want to hurt herself any longer.

That moment was her first step towards healing and changed her life.

She noted that she struggled with bulimia and anorexia, along with anxiety as a teenager where she grappled with her inability to control everything and wanting to please others.

Grégoire Trudeau said that she suffered in silence and she doesn’t want that for others.

She wants there to be a social net built that’s like a big hammock where those who are suffering can be accepted and rest because she believes healing depends on how we treat each other.

Recently, she posted a makeup-free photo on Instagram to celebrate who she is and call out unattainable standards of perfection.

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