Get ready for a spectacular sight because the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that's happening right around Christmas is the closest the planets have been in our sky in almost 800 years.

Just after sunset on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will appear close together in the night sky and actually look like a double planet.

This celestial event can be seen from anywhere on Earth as long as the weather is permitting and the duo will be low in the western sky for about an hour after sunset.

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December 21

when the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is happening

If you have a telescope, you'll be able to see several of Jupiter and Saturn's largest moons that evening as well.

According to Patrick Hartigan, an astronomer at Rice University in Texas, this alignment is rare and only happens about once every 20 years.

This one is even rarer because the last time the planet were closer in the sky was on March 4, 1226, which is almost 800 years ago.

It's believed that the "Star of Bethlehem," also known as the "Christmas Star," could have been the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and another planet.

These two planets won't be this close together until March 15, 2080, when they'll appear higher in the sky.

After that, it won't happen again until after 2400!

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