Outdoor dining will no longer be allowed in Los Angeles County, but nearby Pasadena has no time for this and will be keeping its restaurants open for in-person business.

While Pasadena is a part of LA County, it issues its own health orders from its own health department and this is how it got around the dining shutdown.

The California Restaurant Association is generally against the order prohibiting outdoor dining, and went to court this morning to fight it, asking that specific scientific evidence be provided to support it — they were denied.

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So, if you want to dine outdoors, heading on over to Pasadena is an option, but, of course, many people aren't loving this as COVID cases all over California are at a record high.

Some people are comparing Pasadena to Florida.

Pasadena basically just said this.

While many people are outraged about Pasadena not following the order, there's always another side to the story.

Dining has truly become a point of contention in California.

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