On Sunday, the United States Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville made an incredible rescue of a man stranded at sea. 

Stuart Bee, 62, was found 86 miles off the coast of Port Canaveral, Florida, clinging for life on the bow of his sunken boat. 

According to the USCG, Bee was reported missing on November 28 when he didn't return to the marina the night before. 

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Saving lives at sea is our highest calling. This is a truly incredible outcome.

Captain Mark Vlaun, USCG

On Saturday, Bee's boat experienced a mechanical failure and he was woken abruptly after midnight on Sunday by a wave of water rushing into the cabin.

Amazingly, Bee was able to escape through the front hatch of the boat, but he was stranded in the middle of the ocean overnight. 

After sunrise on Sunday, Bee spotted a USCG boat in the distance, took off his shirt, and waved down the crew aboard vessel Angeles. 

The USCG posted photos of the rescue, and people in the comments immediately began comparing the man to actor Joaquin Phoenix. 

There's no denying that the two men look like they could be long-lost twins — you'd almost think it's a shipwreck scene from a Phoenix movie. 

Doppelganger comparisons aside, Bee made it onboard the ship and was rescued successfully by the USCG. 

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