A puppy from Florida was just been deemed a deputy by the Lee County Sheriff's Office after surviving an alligator attack back in October.

The sheriff's office posted a video to their Facebook on December 8, showing the puppy's induction into the Deputy Dogs, as its Safety and Security Officer.

Gunner, a four-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was on a walk with his owner Richard Wilbanks, when an alligator swimming in a nearby pond grabbed Gunner.

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This is a big day, you're going to be a detective now.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno, to Gunner

Richard jumped to action, prying the puppy out of the jaws of the alligator.

"Gunner's tenacity and fight for survival proves he's the perfect candidate," the sheriff's office wrote in the Facebook post.

In the video, Sheriff Carmine Marceno asks Gunner, "Do you swear to uphold the constitutional law for the Lee County Sheriff's Office?" to which Gunner wiggled around and licked his nose.

Despite the fact that Richard did the saving in this situation, he was not inducted into the sheriff's office as a deputy but does not seem resentful, probably because Deputy Dogs is specifically for dog detectives. 

As a detective for Deputy Dogs, Gunner will keep an eye out for suspicious behavior in his neighborhood.

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