The Los Angeles County Registrar agreed with one aspect of Donald Trump's tweet yesterday accusing the state of election fraud — the video he posted DOES show ballots.

The timing of the video is what makes a difference, though: The video shows ballots being collected on the day after the election after boxes were locked at 8 p.m. the night prior.

Yesterday Trump posted a video featuring a woman filming ballot collectors in LA County, asking "Are those ballots?" to which the man replied, "Yeah," and she replied, "I thought they collected them all?" and he said, "No, they're still collecting."

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Yes, they are ballots.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

She continued with, "Wait, how come they already called the state?" and he said, "Because these are mail-in ballots."

The men asked the woman filming to stay six feet away from them multiple times and commented that she was not wearing a mask, to which she replied, "Oh, yeah, sorry."

The county responded, saying that, yes, these are ballots that were collected legally.

The county said in a press release that, yes, ballots are still being counted  — as of Tuesday there are still 142,715 ballots remaining to be tallied in LA County. 

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