Get ready Floridians, you'll be able to witness a bit of history this week. NASA’s newest Mars rover will launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center tomorrow morning after months of delays due to the novel coronavirus. Called “Perseverance,” the rover is aptly named for the effort it took to complete preparations for the mission.

Perseverance, along with its travel buddy the Ingenuity Helicopter, are scheduled to blast off from the Sunshine State tomorrow morning at 7:50 a.m., from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 41.

Florida Today reports that weather for tomorrow currently allows for an 80% “go” for the launch’s two-hour window. If Florida’s unpredictable weather delays the event, a Friday backup date has a 90% weather improvement, with Saturday dropping back to 80%.

Space Coast Launches gives some ideas for the best viewing spots to watch things blast off into space from Cape Canaveral, including Kelly Park East, the Exploration Tower, The Cove, and Jetty Park.

While most of these spots are open to the public from dawn to dusk, you’ll want to double-check their admission times, so you don’t miss take-off!

Perseverance is extra special because it’ll be the first rover to actively search for past signs of life on Mars, as well as collect rock samples.

It’s even NASA’s first attempt at flying a helicopter on The Red Planet, including the ability to record sound and zoom in with their cameras for better viewing.

Perseverance has already lived up its name and pulled through the trying times of the pandemic to finally arrive at a launch date, and it could be exciting to watch history in the making blast off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral.

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