A brand-new alpine roller coaster is set to open in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in May 2021 and Narcity got a sneak peek of the ride. 

The Mustang Mountain Coaster (MMC), located in Estes Park,  will open to visitors for the first time around Memorial Day Weekend. 

The coaster is currently being constructed and crews are working hard to get it ready for the Spring grand opening. 

Visitors will be pulled up the mountain in their coaster cart to the summit of the ride at an altitude of 8,200 feet.

Once at the top, riders will be sent careening down 3,000 feet of tracks through the forest. 

The coaster will fly down the mountain at speeds up to 27 mph. 

Riders should keep their eyes peeled as they soar down the rails because the views of the Rockies are unparalleled. 

Tickets for the ride start at $20 for a single trip down the mountain. 

Guests can also get a 3-ride pass for $35 or an all-day pass for $65. 

Mustang Mountain Coaster

Price: $20

Address: 1180 Dry Gulch Rd., Estes Park, CO

Why You Need To Go: To fly through the Rocky Mountains on an epic alpine roller coaster. 

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