With social distancing and fewer guests, now is the time to grab some unusual once-in-a-lifetime shots at Florida's theme parks. Nowhere is that magic better seen than at Walt Disney World in Orlando. People are taking this time to capture moments that will last a lifetime.

The sprawling theme park resort was forced to limit its capacity thanks to the current pandemic. While this might impact Disney's pocketbooks, it could be more of a blessing in disguise for those who visit the attractions.

With so much ample room, it's easier now than ever before to capture the magic of Disney World without sweaty tourists ruining that epic shot.

Of course, some of the shots will bring you back to reality as masks are required there. It's just one way that the current situation has seeped into a place that strives so hard to leave the real-life behind. That truth hasn't dampened Disney-goers' spirit, who are still finding that not all of the fantasy has dissipated.

The fanatics are finding the perfect shot at precisely the right angle, especially in front of the freshly painted Cinderella's Castle.

The icon of Walt Disney World received an update during the resort's closure, and it's never looked so grand.

Other areas of the resort are also glinting in the glow of Orlando's searing summer sun. Guests can now take a crowd-free picture of themselves on Main Street U.S.A, a feat that would be impossible in regular times.

Over at Epcot, Spaceship Earth provides plentiful angles and moments that, when captured, will stay with you for years to come. At Hollywood Studios, fans are finally getting that kid-free photo in front of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride.


This is the unexpected hidden beauty of present-day amusement parks. This chaotic time is allowing park-goers to see how magical the resort is as a whole.

Even in the middle of dour and sadness, there's still plenty of magic left in the world.

Now, there's just more time to enjoy it.

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