The FBI Is Hiring For A Bunch Of Roles Right Now & You Don't Need A Degree To Apply

Some even pay over $100K a year! 💵💰

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FBI seal on the front of the FBI building. Right: An FBI employee wearing an FBI jacket.

FBI seal on the front of the FBI building. Right: An FBI employee wearing an FBI jacket.

If you've always wanted to work for the government or you just want to live out your Quantico-era Priyanka Chopra fantasy at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, then now is your chance!

There are several job vacancies at the FBI right now, and you don't even need a university degree to apply.

Not only can you land many of these jobs without a college degree, but a few of them even pay six figures for the right experience.

That's not even including the unofficial perks, like being able to whip out an FBI badge like you're in The X-Files.

Here are a few of the job listings at the FBI available to all U.S. citizens right now:

I.T. Specialist 

Salary: US $68,299.00-$88,792.00

Company: FBI

Location: All Field Office Locations

Who Should Apply: If you have experience with developing security documentation, responding to cybersecurity threats, data spillage and using data to assess risks and vulnerabilities, then you may want to apply for this FBI job.

The person who lands this job will have to "serve as a field office information security subject matter expert." You'll also have to make sure no data breaches are made and, if they are, find a solution to the problem.

Electronics Technician

Salary: US $97,825.00 - $127,170.00

Company: FBI

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Who Should Apply: Anyone with experience troubleshooting, installing, redesigning and maintaining electronic systems using techniques and theories of electronics or networked systems should apply for this job.

If you're a tech genius and have all the relevant experience necessary but don't have a degree, then jump on this opportunity and apply for the job.

Government Information Specialist 

Salary: US $94,373.00-$122,683.00

Company: FBI

Location: Pocatello, Idaho

Who Should Apply: There aren't only tech-related jobs for the FBI right now. If you're more into politics, law and policies, this job is for you.

The person who lands this job will have to be an "expert on statutory and regulatory requirements, obligations, decisions, policies, practices, and precedents regarding the area(s) of responsibility," according to the job listing.

Management & Program Analyst 

Salary: US $106,823.00-$138,868.00

Company: FBI

Location: Quantico, Virginia.

Who Should Apply: If you have the kind of personality to manage a group of people, this is the job for you.

The perfect candidate for this job would be comfortable overseeing team members, keeping track of the training program standards, and modifying policies and procedures to be up to date.

They would have to lead, organize and assess training events while assisting "BAU instructors in developing proficiency in M.S. Teams, MS SharePoint, Adobe Connect, and Blackboard."

If you think you're up to the job, then read the rest of the job listing.

Data Analyst 

Salary: Depending on the candidate's experience

Company: FBI

Location: Various locations.

Who Should Apply: If you like planning, developing and administrating data, then this FBI job is for you.

You may not need a degree, but you must have experience "using one or more programming languages" to be considered for this position.

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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