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A Government of Canada building. Right: A Canadian flag and a CSIS flag.

A Government of Canada building. Right: A Canadian flag and a CSIS flag.

If you've ever considered a career within the Government of Canada, one of these six-figure salary jobs could be for you! There are so many Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CISIS) jobs up for grabs right now and a bunch of them pay the big bucks.

Depending on your experience, education and skill set, you could even make over $100,000 a year.

If you're just starting out, that's okay too. The feds are also looking for co-op students and interns to take on admin roles and other similar duties at CSIS.

Here's a look at just a few of the jobs CSIS is hiring for right now and the kind of qualifications you need to have. Good luck!

Database administrator

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: If you know everything there is to know about databases, this Ottawa-based position could be for you.

You'll be required to look after all of the database systems at CSIS and they're looking for someone who is collaborative, creative and who has great communication skills.

Some education is required, with experience in similar fields also needed for the role.

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Foreign language communication analyst

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: If you're good with languages, this role could be a perfect fit!

CSIS is looking for "dedicated individuals" to fill this role and they're willing to pay six figures to the right candidates.

As a Foreign Language Communications Analyst, you'd be required to read or listen to foreign language material, determine its relevance and produce translations and draft reports based on the intelligence value in the material.

Pretty cool, right?

A keen interest in intelligence and politics is described as "a must" and you must be confident working with computer systems and social media.

To apply, you'd need to be fluent in one or more of the languages listed and have relevant experience in a similar field.

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Business intelligence specialist

Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: CSIS says for this job, they're looking for someone who "thrives on challenges" and is excited by the idea of working with "Canada's brightest."

As a business intelligence specialist, you'd be expected to contribute to maintaining CSIS’s Business Intelligence program by building data warehouses, maintaining and modifying existing models, managing user access and licensing, and more.

College diplomas, secondary school diplomas, undergraduate degrees and more are all accepted, although experience is required.

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Design, development and operations

Salary: $95,350 to $116,060

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: The ideal candidate can make up to $116,060 per year in this Ottawa-based role, which is pretty impressive.

Employees will be required to provide technical leadership, liaise with clients, plan, evaluate and conduct reviews of technical systems and more.

You'll need a bunch of relevant experience and higher education for this role.

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Salary: $84,050 to $102,250

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: This remote-optional opportunity is ideal for anybody with experience in researching, compiling and analyzing information to provide strategic advice.

While it sounds pretty specific, CSIS is willing to pay qualified candidates serious money if they're successful.

In the role, you'd be required to conduct "highly sensitive" research, communicate with internal key partners, maintain a broad awareness of legal and policy issues and much more.

To be a good fit, you'll need to have analytical skills, organizational skills, strong communication and collaboration skills and be a flexible worker.

Sound like you?

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Financial clerk

Salary: $49,130 to $59,750

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: This role is open to people located across several Canadian cities and although it doesn't quite pay six figures, it's a great opportunity for those looking for an entry-level position.

Employees working as financial clerks will be expected to perform account verification responsibilities, administer and maintain account systems, liaise with managers and employees in expenditures and process invoices, among other things.

CSIS is looking for people who are organized and able to multitask, as well as individuals who are adaptable and flexible, with great interpersonal skills.

To apply, you'll need a college diploma and two years of relevant experience, or a high school diploma and four years of relevant experience.

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Jobs for students

Salary: Varies

Company: CSIS

Who Should Apply: For those that do not yet have an undergraduate degree or a decade of experience under their belt, there are a bunch of student opportunities within CSIS, too.

This includes in the finance department, human resources, science and technology and more.

They're also currently hiring administrative assistants all over Canada and the roles are open to interns and students.

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    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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