Freya Allan Hasn't Played The 'Witcher' Games So Henry Cavill Was Her 'Bible' For Season 2

The actress who plays Ciri admits she more of a "Clash of Clans" fan.

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Freya Allan Hasn't Played The 'Witcher' Games So Henry Cavill Was Her 'Bible' For Season 2
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Freya Allan plays Princess Cirilla (a.k.a. Ciri) in Netflix's hit show The Witcher. She doesn't need to play her in the video game.

The U.K.-born actress recently spoke to Narcity about her role in Season 2 of the hit series, which reunites her with the Witcher himself, Henry Cavill, as his monster-hunting apprentice this month.

Allan admitted that she hasn't played the wildly popular games that partially inspired the show, even though her character, Ciri, is a huge part of them.

"I haven't played them. I haven't!" she said of the games. "But I've recently got into Clash of Clans [...] on my phone."

She added that many people are pushing her to "step up" from playing mobile games and take control of Ciri in The Witcher III. But she's been more focused on stepping up her action game for the show, which returns to Netflix on December 17.

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Allan's Ciri spent much of Season 1 alone and on the run, meaning she had very little time with the other stars of the show. That all changes in Season 2 and admits she's excited to finally work with Cavill and join in on the action scenes.

"I learned how to use a sword [and] a dagger," the 20-year-old said. "I thought in Season 1 I was going to be doing it and I wasn't, so I was really excited and [...] I just lived in the stunt department."

Allan says she really wants to "fight with other people" in Season 3, especially if it means crossing swords with Cavill himself.

"I hope to get more fight scenes with him in coming seasons," she said. "It's like doing a dance with someone, and I love dance."

She added that Cavill plays a huge role in shaping scenes for the series, because he's a big fan of the games and the novels that inspired them.

"He's a Witcher Bible," she said. "He adds quotes to scenes that he likes from the books, which always tended to ben an amazing move and shaped the scene to make it better."

The first season of The Witcher became Netflix's most-watched show when it dropped in 2019, with more than 76 million views in the first months after it was released.

Season 2 sees the Witcher Geralt (Cavill) taking Ciri (Allan) under his wing, training her to fight against the forces that want to use her for other ends.

The new season dropped Friday on Netflix.

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