You Can Get Paid To Travel Around Europe On Sleeper Trains & It's The Ultimate One-Month Trip

You can choose where you want to go!

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A woman on a sleep train. Right: A train in Europe.

A woman on a sleep train. Right: A train in Europe.

Want to get paid to travel by train for a month-long European getaway instead of shelling out thousands of bucks for one? You actually can! There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one lucky travel lover to test out sleeper trains across Europe this summer, with so many cool perks like £500 and travel fees paid for.

Luggage storage company Radical Storage is looking to hire an adventurous Night Train Tester who will explore the continent on various night trains, take photos and videos of their experiences, and write a blog about why others should or should not take the train. They also want to know about what it's like to sleep on each train.

The neat thing about being a sleeper train tester is you can choose where in Europe you want to travel and not a cent comes from your wallet.

If you land the job, you will be given a one-month interrail pass and all of your fees paid for on five different night train trips of your choice. You can seriously mark off a few bucket list destinations with the chance!

That means you could fall asleep to the dazzling Eiffel Tower of Paris outside your train window, then wake up to views of the Piazza del Duomo in Florence Italy; then after that, you can even take a trip to the mountains of Switzerland if you'd like. Where you travel is all up to you, but just remember it is a job that you have to provide content for, and not just a free ticket to travel the world.

It's super easy to apply online, you just have to be older than 18 years, have all of the legal travel documents for entry into Europe, utilize organizational skills since you're planning all of your train trips, and be able to write review blogs with details like your quality of sleep, the train crew, and overall enjoyment.

If this is calling to your sense of wanderlust then it might be your sign to sign up. If so, Radical Storage is taking applications for its Night Train Tester position until July 5, 2023. It's a simple application, and the hardest part will be explaining why you deserve the role in 300 words or less.

Good luck and bon voyage!

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