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This Canadian Coffee Shop Is Reportedly Trying To Move Into Old Starbucks Locations ASAP

A coffee shop chain in Canada has its sights set on some old Starbucks locations and thinks it would be a good business move to acquire the property.

Good Earth Coffeehouse, which was founded in Calgary and has over 45 locations in six provinces, is considering setting up shop in Starbucks' old turf, according to Retail Insider.   

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Founder and CEO of the franchise, Michael Going, is reportedly working with landlords and developers to stake out promising locations for the coffeehouses' expansion plans in the country. 

"We look at that as an opportunity for us to step in and infill in some of the locations that they’re leaving behind," he said. "We know that out of those there are a number of locations that we would be very interested in and we’re already starting to move on a few of those."

Going said his team is not looking at all of the hundreds of Starbucks locations that are closing but is considering their potential in terms of real estate quality and consumer traffic since they're in neighbourhoods that will be "left without a favourite local coffee shop."     

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