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Canada Ranked Among The Happiest Countries On The Planet & Here's Why

Here's something to smile about! Canada is one of the happiest countries in the world and the reason will make your heart happy.

The country reached the top 10 list for the happiest nations and it's all thanks to the healthcare system, according to Lenstore's Global Health and Happiness Index report. 

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Canada came in in 10th place in the overall ranking.

Finland took the number one spot followed by Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland.

According to the report, the study looked at data on happiness in relation to data on health to find the similarities between the two.

They concluded that of the 84 countries they collected information from, it was those that did not have access to universal healthcare that had a low happiness rate.  

The nations were also judged on their life expectancy rate, physical activity and visual impairments among other things. 

"The first thing that stands out is that the ten happiest countries unanimously offer universal healthcare for citizens," the report read.

"This, alongside high life expectancy, low prevalence of visual impairments, and overall high accessibility and quality of healthcare, all go to show that a healthy country makes for a happy country."

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