Get ready to cringe! The Too Hot To Handle couple recently called it quits but Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago have now both poked fun at their relationship on social media. The Australian recently posted an awkwardly funny TikTok reacting to his past infatuation. 

The former couple took to YouTube last week to share separate videos announcing their break up.

A teary Farago claimed that Jowsey broke up with her for reasons including long-distance and some relationship-ending arguments.

In his video, the Australian agreed with those reasons adding that there was a "magnitude" more, including his own mental health. 

Jowsey said that if he stayed with the Canadian model, she would end up heartbroken and he would continue to feel depressed.

The 22-year-old seemed pretty emotional in his video, but it looks like he bounced back to poke fun at his past self.

Jowsey posted a duet with Netflix on TikTok where he reacted to a clip of him on the reality dating series talking about his relationship and future with Farago.

In the video, Jowsey tells the camera, "Me and Francesca are honestly like pineapples on pizzas, we're just perfect together. I'm ready to move wherever she wants to be, I'm ready to give her 200%. She is the bee's knees."

Meanwhile, in a frame beside that clip, a current Jowsey listens to it play while hanging his head in his hands and rubbing his eyes. The pretty cringey video ends with the Australian laughing it out.

In the caption, he adds, "turns out pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza". 


##duet with @netflix turns out pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza 🍕

♬ original sound - netflix

Shortly after coming out about their split, Farago also poked fun at their breakup when she reposted a meme on her Instagram story that featured the beloved Bob Ross.

The caption on the photo reads, "Me in relationships: 'Let's turn these Red Flags into pretty little trees.'"

However, her ex probably didn't see that photo because the two quickly unfollowed each other off Instagram.

Jowsey deleted all of their photos but kept one compilation video on his profile, and Farago still has all of their photos together still up.

The former couple's Too Hot To Handle co-star Haley Cureton recently admitted that she thinks Jowsey used Farago for some easy clout and never truly loved her.