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Health Canada Doesn't Want You Using These Face Masks Because Of Potential Risks

An advisory was just issued about face masks with certain labels on them.

Health Canada issued an advisory on Friday about potential health risks associated with a certain type of face mask material. 

The warning is for face masks "labelled as containing graphene or biomass graphene," due to the possible risk of inhaling these particles. 

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The health authority describes graphene as a nanomaterial that is "reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties."

Their initial assessment of the available research found that graphene "had some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals," but the risk to humans is not yet clear. 

While Health Canada completes its safety assessment, graphene-containing masks are being recalled and will no longer be distributed or sold — the public is being asked to avoid using these masks and to consult their health care provider about any health concerns.

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