Hundreds Of Houston Protesters' Charges Are Being Dropped By Harris County DA

This will soon be behind them.
Hundreds Of Houston Protestors' Charges Have Been Dismissed

Last week, 654 people in H-Town were charged with a criminal offense for taking part in the George Floyd-inspired protests, according to the Houston Chronicle. Now, hundreds of the Houston protesters' charges have been dropped by the Harris County District Attorney's (DA) Office, leaving only 52 with active cases. They remain active due to charges such as aggravated assault of a police officer and weapons offenses.

Protesters marched in Houston last week in honor of George Floyd as well as to stand up against police brutality, and 654 of them were criminally charged during the gathering.

The Harris County DA's office released a report detailing the numbers and events surrounding the incident.

Many protesters were charged due to not dispersing when asked to do so by police.

Now that hundreds have had their cases dismissed, the next step is to have the charges expunged from their records, which may happen for many according to the DA's office.

There was probable cause when arrests were made, but now very few active cases remain compared to the original 654.

Above is a photo of one of the protests that have taken place in the city this month.

Significant crowds have gathered at the events thus far. Tens of thousands of people have reportedly been taking to streets.

Other cities in the Lone Star State have been seeing protests as of late.

Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio have also had protesters take to the streets for the same reasons.

In the video above, Houston's Chief of Police Art Acevedo got emotional when talking to protesters about how Floyd's death impacted him.

He has since changed his Instagram profile picture to a photo of Floyd and is advocating for change on the platform.