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A 'Hovering Ship' Was Spotted In The UK & The Photo Will Break Your Brain

Apparently it's an optical illusion!

A mind-bending photo of a hovering ship was caught off the coast of England near Falmouth, Cornwall. 

BBC reported that David Morris, the man who saw the seemingly magical sight, said he was "stunned" when his eyes landed on a huge boat that looked like it was floating way above the sea. 

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A meteorologist from the BBC, David Braine, took to his personal Twitter to share an explanation for the flying ship. 

He described the phenomenon as a "looming superior mirage" which is apparently most common in the Arctic

Braine said that this sort of optical illusion is "caused by light being refracted by a big temperature inversion between the cold sea and warm air just above it." 

According to UNILAD, this is not an isolated event.  

In fact, Morris and his son had apparently seen something similar before and people in the comment section of his post have seen floating boats like this, too. 

While experts are chalking it up as an optical illusion, it's still a totally unexpected sight that would leave anyone's jaw on the ground. 

This article's cover photo is for illustrative purposes only. 

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