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Canada Was Home To An Hours Long Potential UFO Sighting Involving An RCMP Officer

There's even a glow-in-the-dark commemorative coin about it.
Clarenville Alien Sighting Was One Of Canada's Weirdest

It's a bird, it's a plane, its a weird disc floating in the sky? It may sound straight out of a sci-fi film but something just like that happened in Canada. The Clarenville alien sighting from 1978 is one of the country's biggest mysteries. It's so wild that the Mint even made a glow-in-the-dark commemorative coin about it.

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What happened in Clarenville? 

One night, back in 1978 an RCMP officer named Constable James Blackwood responded to a call in Clarenville, Newfoundland where witness had noticed something weird in the sky. 

According to an interview with a local paper called The Packet, Blackwood saw something hovering about 100 feet above the water between Clarenville and Random Island. He says its was there for two hours. 

He reportedly turned on the lights on his police car and the floating object responded by flashing its own lights. 

It later left without a trace and still remains a mystery. 

What does the glow-in-the-dark coin look like? 

It's spooky season and potential UFO sightings are undoubtedly spooky and Canada's official coin creators seem to be aware of that too. 

To mark the weird event in history, the Canadian Mint just launched a commemorative coin depicting the saucer hovering over the Newfoundland town. 

The square shape is unique enough on it's own but this coin also glows in the dark. 

The mint only made 5,000 of the money-pieces, which sell for a whopping $129.95 each and they are already 90% sold out. 

Are there other Canadian alien encounters? 

The Clarenville event isn't Canada's only suspicious sighting. 

Back in 1967 at Falcon Lake, Manitoba a man reported seeing some glowing objects in the sky. One of them lands nearby and it's a 35 foot big craft of some kind.

The man gets close enough to touch it before it takes off again. What's weirder is that in the weeks after the sighting, he becomes sick with very suspicious symptoms but no doctors can figure it out. 

Like the Clarenville case it remains one of the biggest unexplained phenomenons in Canada. 

Meanwhile, in St. Paul, Alberta they built the first-ever UFO landing pad in the world in 1967, coincidentally the same year that the Falcon Lake incident happened. 

Unfortunately, for the alien-hopeful Albertans whatever was spotted in both Newfoundland and Manitoba all those years ago seemed to miss the mark. 

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