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Canada Released A List Of The ‘Biggest Faux Pas’ You Can Make When Wearing A Mask

Public Safety Canada is getting super serious. 😷✅
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How To Wear A Face Mask Was Just Explained In Canada & These Are The Biggest 'Faux Pas'

While everybody should probably know how to wear a face mask by now, there’s no harm in double and triple-checking you’re getting it right!

In a series of tweets, Public Safety Canada revealed what it considers to be the “biggest mask faux pas,” and this includes forgetting to cover your nose, re-wearing a non-reusable mask and using a scarf as a face covering.

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The federal agency began with its number one no-no, which is forgetting to cover your nose with your face mask.

“Infectious droplets spray from your nose and mouth. To avoid the transmission of those droplets, *both* the nose and the mouth needs to be covered,” it explained.

Next, Public Safety Canada broke down exactly how a mask should fit your face. It must be “large enough to completely and comfortably cover your nose, mouth, and chin without gaping.”

When it comes to reusing a single-use face mask, the agency simply says “please don’t.” Instead, it suggests buying reusable masks, which can be washed regularly and are better for the environment.

Next on the list of “faux pas” was regularly touching your face mask, using a shirt, scarf or neck-warmer as a mask and removing a face covering to make a phone call.

Before wrapping it up, the agency also called out those who “think a mask means you can get close to others.”

“It doesn’t. Respect personal space and keep 2m away from others,” its advice concluded.

Now that regular mask-wearing is pretty common in Canada, multiple politicians have been spotted moving their face coverings in the strangest way.

Toronto Mayor John Tory seemed to totally forget the appropriate way to take off his mask back in December 2020, while Paul Wynnyk — chair of Alberta's COVID-19 task force — pulled his mask over his eyes on live television.

    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
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