IKEA Customers Slept Over In The Store's Beds During A Danish Snowstorm & Lived The Dream

Admit it: you've secretly thought about doing this.

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IKEA Customers Slept Over In The Store's Beds During A Danish Snowstorm & Lived The Dream

IKEA typically doesn't let you sleep in the cozy display beds at its stores — but a few lucky people are now the exception to the rule.

More than two dozen people spent the night in a Denmark IKEA's showroom this week after a winter storm trapped them in the store, The Associated Press reports.

The storm hit late Wednesday in Aalborg, Denmark, leaving six customers, many IKEA employees and staff from a nearby toy shop stranded.

But don't feel too badly for them, because they had a blast.

The customers and staff enjoyed dinner from IKEA's cantina, kicked back and watched some TV and then they each picked out a bed where they would spend the night, AP reports.

The people were able to "pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try."

"The evening went very fast before we went to bed between [11 p.m.] and 1 a.m.," store manager Peter Elmose told Ekstra Bladet, a Danish newspaper.

Customer Erik Bangsgaard, who had to stay at the store for their night along with his wife, said they enjoyed sleeping on the fold-out sofa that they chose. However, the bright showroom lights stayed on throughout the night.

"They could not dampen it, so we just had to try to sleep anyway," he told TV2Nord.

Everyone went home in the morning and IKEA changed the sheets on all the beds afterward, but not before sharing a few photos and videos of the scene after a very unusual night.

Toy store employee Michelle Barrett told Denmark's public broadcaster DR that it was an unusual but unforgettable scenario.

"We just laughed at the situation, because we will probably not experience it again," Barrett said.

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